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Management Assistant at the Soil Biology Group

Are you a sympathetic colleague who enjoys working in an interactive, international orientated and friendly group at our university? Do you have administrative or secretarial experience and do you have service-oriented and proactive attitude? Then we are looking for you!

The Soil Biology group is looking for an enthusiastic management assistant (0.5 Fte), who enjoys supporting the colleagues around them and helping in the overall organisation of the group.

Many of our students, PhDs and staff join the group from around the globe and so it is important that they have a good first contact to help them in the process of settling in and ensuring they feel safe and welcome in the group. In addition, together with our financial administrator, you are responsible for the administrative support of our chair group, supporting a range of staff including PhDs, post-docs, and assistant to professors in their daily tasks. For a more detailed description of tasks, see below.

The mission of the Soil Biology Group is To explore the potential of life to increase the quality of soil. Most of our research focusses on two big themes that embody some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity: "Soils in a changing climate" (where we study the soil as a source and sink of greenhouse gasses; as well as resilience of agricultural systems to climate change) and "Fertile soils" (where we focus on soil fertility in the broadest context). The ultimate aim of our research is to help develop more sustainable agroecosystems.

Your workplace is on the bustling campus of Wageningen University & Research, the most sustainable and innovative campus in the Netherlands. An inspiring place where the best education and research come together. Within the Soil Biology Group we also try to provide an enjoyable social environment with lots of opportunity to talk with our colleagues, have coffee and lunches together, either in our coffee room or in the indoor/outdoor courtyard gardens. The Soil Biology Group is an international group, with colleagues from across the globe, therefore it is important to feel confident to communicate in English.

Your tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Assisting and unburdening colleagues and visiting researchers by taking over administrative tasks
  • Keeping track of invoicing and entering orders in a financial ordering system;
  • Booking travel tickets and handling expenses in the travel request program;
  • Specific HR-related activities such as: administrative support for the introduction of new (international) employees;
  • Booking meeting locations, arranging catering and organizing (small and large-scale) events;
  • Support with IT and workplace setup;
  • Back-up support with education/student related administrative actions;
  • Thinking along in the continuous optimization of work processes

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02-12-2022 Wageningen University & Research
PhD Researcher Ecosystem Service Modelling

Are you an aspiring researcher looking for a new opportunity in the field of ecosystem and biodiversity accounting? Would you like to join a friendly and open environment where you can develop your skills and acquire new knowledge? Then you have a part to play as a PhD candidate within the interdisciplinary research project 'SELINA'!

In this project you will investigate how satellite data from various sources in combination with spatial models can be used to develop 'ecosystem accounts'. Ecosystem accounting is a new, ground-breaking methodology to help understand, monitor and asses the contributions of ecosystems to the economy. Much progress has been made in ecosystem accounting in recent years, and the methodology is now a UN standard that is being applied in at least 40 countries world-wide. At the same time, some methodological challenges remain. Several of these challenges are being addressed by PhD research projects in the ESA group.

This PhD project would address two remaining key challenges: (i) how to map and analyse biodiversity as part of biodiversity accounting; and (ii) assess how so-called disservices / negative externalities of ecosystem use (specifically how emissions from fire in ecosystems) can be included in the accounts. The PhD candidate will work closely together with other PhD students working on these related topics.
The envisioned PhD research should (i) develop new insights in how biodiversity and emissions can be connected to, or included in, ecosystem accounts; and (ii) build pilot ecosystem accounts for biodiversity and selected emissions (the scale and area for which these will be built will be determined in the beginning of the project). There are various indicators that can be considered, building upon extensive experiences world-wide with biodiversity monitoring. In terms of emissions, there are also several options, mapping emissions as disservices, or mapping ecosystem properties that lead to emission control as services. Such methods need to be assessed and compared. The use of GIS and potentially also Machine Learning (ML) is key. However, the PhD project has a degree of flexibility so that additional streams of research, case studies or methodologies can be included. The methods should be applicable world-wide, and as much as possible globally available data sources, e.g. from earth observation, will be used for this study. The research will be supported by field data from various sites, that are organised with local partners. Potential reference sites include the Netherlands, Northern Portugal, Peloponnesus, Greece, Palawan, Philippines, and Mato Grosso, Brazil. This will be done with local partners, and we will also connect to the European Space Agency as well as private sector (e.g. property developers working globally) in this project using existing contacts.

We are searching for a PhD candidate who has strong spatial modelling skills, an understanding of biodiversity, some experience with ML and spatial data management, a general affinity with the topics described above; and a curious mindset open to explore new scientific avenues. The PhD may include field work in one or more of the above mentioned sites, depending upon progress with the research and interests of the PhD candidate.

This research is embedded within the Environmental Systems Analysis Group. You will be supervised by Prof Dr. Lars Hein and Dr. Jannik Schultner. Within the SELINA project you will work closely together with a large consortium of around 30 partners, working on ecosystems, ecosystem services, biodiversity and environmental policies. You will also work with partners in the Open Earth Monitor Project with some 20 additional partners working on spatial data and models.

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02-12-2022 Wageningen University & Research
Content redacteur

Loop jij warm voor de actualiteiten rondom onderzoek op het gebied van duurzaamheid en milieu? Heb jij een passie voor online presentatie en bouw je graag aan een website? Lees dan snel verder want wij zoeken een contentredacteur voor de groenste universiteit van Nederland!

De functie
Met een scherp oog voor actualiteiten en altijd gericht op haar missie 'to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life' publiceert WUR dagelijks online content over haar onderzoek en onderwijs.

Wij zijn de redactie van WUR. Op o.a. www.wur.nl, het blogplatform en het nieuwsbrievenplatform bouwen wij online content die bijdraagt aan de doelen van WUR. Teksten krijgen we in de meeste gevallen aangeleverd. Wij waarborgen vervolgens de kwaliteit van deze content door optimale plaatsing, en door teksten te verbinden en te versterken. Daarnaast maken we content completer, zorgen we voor optimale opmaak en structuur en verzorgen we regelmatig de beeldredactie. Ook adviseren we collega's over de mogelijkheden van de online platformen. Ons team maakt deel uit van Corporate Communications & Marketing.

We zoeken een nieuwe collega die enthousiast is om een bijdrage te leveren aan de online presentatie van WUR. Als contentredacteur beheer je de mailbox van de redactie en werk je achter de schermen aan de website (in het CMS). Daarnaast redigeer en plaats je teksten op www.wur.nl, blogs en nieuwsbrieven. Dit doe je zelfstandig, maar wel in teamverband.

Ons team bestaat uit 12 directe collega's en is onderdeel van de afdeling Corporate Communications & Marketing. Het team bestaat o.a. uit tekstschrijvers, videomakers, adviseurs en contentplaatsers. Samen werken we aan verhalen over bijvoorbeeld de Noordzee, studentenwedstrijden en konijnenfokkers.

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02-12-2022 Wageningen University & Research
PhD position in "Business Model Innovation and Opportunities for enhancing Soil Health"

Are you willing to contribute to transitioning towards sustainability by investigating new business opportunities to invest in soil health? We are looking for an ambitious and highly motivated PhD candidate interested in designing innovative sustainable business models for soil health.

In order to invest in conservation, recovery and resilience of soil health to climate change, a new pan-European project on Soil Health will co-create a framework for developing innovative business models and incentive tools based on the economic valuation of the ecosystem services delivered by soil. Building on living labs and lighthouses as outdoor laboratories, the project will provide data, evidence, tools and models to assess how investment in soil health can contribute to the transition to a long-term resilient and sustainable use of soil.

We are looking for a PhD candidate that will scientifically contribute to the development of the framework for investing in soil health, with a focus on designing new sustainable business models. The ideal candidate will identify (business innovation) pathways to transition into more soil-health friendly agricultural systems, but also forestry, urban and industrial systems.

Specific tasks will be:

  • set up a protocol for designing sustainable business models for soil health considering different geographical contexts and uses of soil;
  • explore the potential of socio-ecological and technological innovation pathways to support adoption and diffusion of sustainable business models and strategies for enhancing soil health;
  • co-design together with different stakeholders new sustainable business models that capture greater economic, environmental and social value from investment in soil health.

The selected candidate will join the Business Management and Organisation group (BMO, Social Science) of Wageningen University team and will:

  • Be part of a pan-European research project and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of soil scientists, agronomists, applied economists, business experts, enterprises, farmers, public agencies among the others from ten different countries;
  • Identify new business opportunities in soil health based on the economic valuation of the ecosystem services provided by soil;
  • Co-design innovative business models together with stakeholders to create greater value for investment in soil health;
  • Develop and validate a portfolio of innovative business models;
  • Participate and present research findings at international conferences, and publish articles in academic journals;
  • Provide relevant information for decision support to stakeholders and policymakers by translating research findings into practical recommendations.

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01-12-2022 Wageningen University & Research
Management Assistent

Ben jij een enthousiaste allrounder die het leuk vindt om in een dynamische en innovatieve organisatie te werken?
Ben jij een organisatietalent, kun je goed je prioriteiten stellen, en wil je werken in een internationale omgeving met leuke collega's?
Dan is dit interessant voor jou! Voor een vacature voor management assistent zijn wij op zoek naar een nieuwe collega!
Samen met 6 collega's en een teamleider ondersteun je de medewerkers van Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (WFBR) en zorg je voor een stabiele bezetting van het Secretariaat WFBR. Je bent het eerste aanspreekpunt voor groepshoofden en medewerkers van onderzoeksgroepen, en jouw taken zijn onder meer:

  • agenda management (via Outlook) en het organiseren van vergaderingen/bijeenkomsten;
  • het regelen van bestellingen;
  • faciliteren bij vacatures en bij de introductie van nieuwe (internationale) medewerkers;
  • het perfectioneren van rapporten in de huisstijl en registratie van publicaties;
  • het organiseren van dienstreizen, en het regelen van visumaanvragen.

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01-12-2022 Wageningen University & Research