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Two PhD positions in luminescence dating of earthworks - human landscape modifications in the spotlight

Do you want to unravel when, why and how people modified the Dutch landscape to deal with challenges and seize opportunities? Are you motivated to link scientific dating methods, archaeology and public outreach? Then we invite you to apply for a PhD position in our team!

We are looking for two hardworking PhD candidates to investigate past human landscape modifications with sophisticated methods. Specifically, you will develop and improve luminescence dating methods to determine when earthworks in the Netherlands were constructed, extended and/or modified. In collaboration with archaeologists, earth and soil scientists you will thereby help to reconstruct the evolution of the Dutch cultural landscape.
We envisage that one PhD candidate will focus on the low parts of the Netherlands, where most earthworks relate to the challenges of living with water (e.g. dikes and dwelling mounds).

The other PhD candidate will focus on the sandy regions, where many earthworks relate to agricultural practices (e.g. celtic fields, banks and plaggic soils). However, a different task division (e.g. method vs. application) may also be possible depending on skills and experience of the selected candidates.

The PhD projects are part of the interdisciplinary EARTHWORK project, funded through the NWO program 'Future directions in Dutch archaeological research'. EARTHWORK is a collaborative project in which Wageningen University joins forces with archaeological companies, research institutes, NGOs and museums. You should be motivated to interact and collaborate with these diverse stakeholders throughout the project and you are expected to communicate results with scientific peers as well as with professional archaeologists and the general public. The research should result in a PhD thesis, which consists of several publishable chapters.

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25-09-2020 Wageningen University & Research
Docent(e) sport en bewegen (Squash)

Een enthousiaste trainer/coach niveau 2 voor 1.5 lesuren in de week per 1 oktober 2020. De training vindt plaats op woensdagavond in drie tijdsblokken van 19:45-21:15 uur waarbij je verbonden bent aan studentensquashvereniging Ballistic. Ballistic heeft 40 studentenleden, variërend in niveau van beginners tot gevorderden

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25-09-2020 Wageningen University & Research
Trainer/educational adviser/pedagogical expert (1 fte)

You have a passion for developing and providing teacher training in didactics within higher education. In your training, you inspire and facilitate teachers to develop themselves as professional teachers of Wageningen University.

In addition to the training you like to advise teachers and teaching team in the development and implementation of innovative learning environments. In doing so, you support the implementation of the University's vision for education: offering high quality scientific knowledge in a rich learning environment, activating and engaging students in their personalised, flexible and continuous learning process.

You are a passionate communicator and you have the skills to coordinate and produce online communication with selected target groups. This includes working with and maintaining the Training and Advice team's intranet page.

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25-09-2020 Wageningen University & Research
Educational adviser/pedagogical expert on programme learning pathways and skills learning trajectories (1 fte)

You facilitate and inspire programme directors and programme committees in innovating Bachelor and Master degree programmes. You will advise programme directors and programme committees on (flexible) learning pathways, including skills learning trajectories. For this task you should be able to communicate tactically on programme development level.

In addition, you will support teacher teams to implement these learning trajectories into their programmes and courses. In doing so, you support the implementation of the University's vison for education: offering high quality scientific knowledge in a rich learning environment, activating and engaging students in their personalised, flexible and continuous learning process.

Besides the advice and support, you offer training and workshops on implementing balanced university curricula. You will work in a team of educational trainers and advisors and will also collaborate with instructional designers, project coordinators, functional managers and multimedia experts.

More specifically, our team requires a results driven individual who drives the completion of projects. If you see yourself in this role please don't hesitate to apply!

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25-09-2020 Wageningen University & Research
PhD in 'Connectivity between environmental gradients: towards more effective fish migration'

An enthusiastic candidate who is interested to advance science regarding the role of connectivity for more resilient and robust aquatic ecosystems for freshwater fish populations.

Fish is an essential element in the ecological functioning of aquatic ecosystems and have species-specific migratory requirements to fulfil their life cycle. For this reason, fish is one of the biological quality elements of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) to assess the ecological status of rivers, lakes and estuaries. The hydrological infrastructure in the Netherlands being comprised of natural and man-made waterways with numerous barriers, combined with knowledge about fish species occurrence and varying conditions in aquatic ecosystems, offer an excellent setting to expand the scientific expertise on the value of connectivity for the resilience of aquatic ecosystems. Yet, while there are huge investments to improve connectivity of fragmented watersheds, but too little learning among stakeholders involved about their effectiveness and impacts. Just only in the Netherlands there are over 10,000 obstacles blocking migration of which nearly 2,500 have been identified to become passable for fish. At present 1,000 do have a migration facility, but there has yet been no in-depth scientific evaluation of the benefits. Thus, there is a wide range of fish passage facilities and too little knowledge about their efficacy considering the context in which they are placed, their functionality and the targets to meet. Moreover, barriers not only impact migration, but also alter upstream and downstream habitats. Efficacy of fish migration thus not only requires insight into the passability of barriers, but also which habitats become connected and which are impacted by altered flow conditions.

The candidate should develop an assessment framework, compile and analyze fish passage efficacy based on monitoring data and recommend where which types of facility given migration requirements of fish communities or supplementary measures are required. In the development and application of the assessment framework, the candidate will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure relevance, enhance learning and enlarge data collection. Additionally, the candidate should assess the wider impact of barriers on the habitat conditions in freshwater bodies. To advance learning and enlarge data collection the research will encompass cooperation with diverse stakeholders (water boards, recreational fishermen) who construct and/or are active near fish migration facilities. For this there will be cooperation with several stakeholder organizations (Sportvisserij Nederland, Rijkswaterstaat, Water Boards).

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22-09-2020 Wageningen University & Research