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Professor and Chair of Forest Ecology and Forest Management

An innovative, dynamic and inspiring scientist to lead the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Chair Group (FEM) at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) (0.8-1.0 fte). The Chair Group focusses on the ecology of trees and forests and contributes to the scientific basis of sustainable use and management of forests worldwide, with currently three main themes:

  1. Multiple forest resource use and management;
  2. Resilient forests;
  3. Forest restoration.

For further information of the Chair Group and the current profile click HERE

As professor and chair, you will inspire and strengthen the Chair Group's innovative research and education programme, and effectively lead the group. You will ensure that the group continues to be an encouraging working environment for a diverse group of young and established academics. Securing external funds for research and attracting PhD candidates are key elements of your responsibility. You will contribute to the national and international strong profile of the chair group, and further enhance the groups successes in generating impact both within and outside of academia.

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21-01-2020 Wageningen University & Research
Postdoc 'Playing hide-and-seek: how interactions between soil-borne fungi and grassland plant control species coexistence'

Nowadays, there is great concern about the worldwide decline in biodiversity and the consequences for ecosystem services. The key to understanding biodiversity and ecosystem services lies where the worlds of plants and soil meet: the rhizosphere, arguably the most dynamic compartment of any terrestrial ecosystem. Recently, evidence is accumulating that the interactions between plants and soil-borne pathogens are essential for the maintenance of biodiversity.

In this project, you are collaborating in the VIDI team to reveal the functional interactions between pathogenic soil-borne fungi, their antagonists and plant species in grassland biodiversity experiments. You will be responsible for running an experiment with so-called 'trap plants' to elucidate the interactions between plants, soil-borne pathogens and their antagonists in plant communities that differ in plant species richness and community composition. Next to running the experiment, you will perform high-throughput molecular analyses of the fungal, bacterial and protist communities in the roots, analyse and interpret the data and report your findings in scientific journals.

In our team, we link the strengths of ecology (i.e. large experiments involving multiple species) with those of soil microbiology and phytopathology (i.e. detailed knowledge of life history strategies, behaviour and identity of fungal pathogens). The ultimate goal of the project is to translate the insights from natural grasslands to agricultural systems, where reduced pesticide inputs require improved design of intercropping systems with regard to soil-borne disease suppression.

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21-01-2020 Wageningen University & Research
Specialist Community Management and External Communication at ISRIC - World Soil Information

Are you a great communicator that enjoys facilitating stakeholder connections and creates and manages our online environment easily? Can you develop an online environment with courses, expand our social media reach, pool the different stakeholders around ISRIC, and inspire our experts to adopt and contribute? Then we are looking for you!


  • develop (with support from IT specialists) an online stakeholder environment;
  • bring together the different stakeholder groups (such as co-developers, users, alumni, and participants in our capacity building programs) in this environment and manage the continuous interactions;
  • coordinate ISRICs social media activities and the further development of our website.

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21-01-2020 Wageningen University & Research
Lecturer / Researcher

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Lecturer / Researcher (MSc/Dr.) in chemistry/chemical engineering to strengthen the Biobased Chemistry and Technology (BCT) chair group in the department of Agrotechnology & Food Sciences at Wageningen University. The position includes both research and teaching responsibilities.

You will be responsible for coaching MSc/BSc students during their practical work, give lectures and support the existing staff in running our laboratories. You can connect the chemical (laboratory) world to the chemical engineering (modelling) world to contribute to the motto of the group 'assisting the transition to a biobased and circular economy'.

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20-01-2020 Wageningen University & Research
Experienced Project Coordinator International at ISRIC (1) - World Soil Information

Are you an experienced project coordinator of international projects in the field of sustainable land management? Are you dedicated to bring each project that you are managing to a good end? And do you have a proven track record in Africa? In that case, check this vacancy and join our team!

Over the next three years ISRIC- World Soil Information will coordinate various projects dealing with the generation of soil information for Africa as well as the use of this information for sustainable intensification of land use. For these projects we are looking for an experienced project coordinator, preferably with a track record in Africa.

Do you want to know more about us? Check out the sneak preview of our new flagship product, our pilot projects in Senegal and Mali and of course our in house museum!


The most important tasks as project coordinator are:

  • coordinate projects that aim at the development of soil information products that support sustainable intensification of land use;
  • coordinate activities carried out by the project partners, ensure mutual adjustment;
  • ensure timely and high-quality reporting to the funders of the projects;
  • organise meetings of the projects Executive Team, Steering Committee, and all project staff;
  • perform the role of secretariat of the Project Steering Committee, which includes scheduling and preparing meetings in cooperation with its chair, and providing minutes;
  • coordinate the tasks of ISRIC colleagues in the project;
  • financial project management, including receiving all payments made by the Commission, allocation between contractors and activities, and keeping accounts of this.

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20-01-2020 Wageningen University & Research