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PhD Position in Experimental Quantum Physics

Are you a highly-motivated student with excellent laboratory skills for performing state-of-the-art quantum physics experiments?

The strontium quantum gases group is headed by Prof. Florian Schreck and is part of the Quantum Gases and Quantum Information (QG&QI) cluster at the Institute of Physics (IoP) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The main focus of the group is the exploitation of Sr quantum gases for novel precision measurement techniques and the study of many-body physics. We have one open PhD position within our Innovative Training Network (ITN) MoSaiQC, which in this context are called early stage researchers (ESRs). This ITN trains 14 ESRs in 10 organizations from industry and academia. MoSaiQC is EU funded (project no. 860579) and a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action.

You will participate in network meetings across Europe, where you will learn about quantum technology from experts in the field and train essential skills, such as academic writing and outreach. You will participate in a summer school on clocks and organize a conference together with the other ESRs. You will spend half a year in the lab of a partner in either Copenhagen, Torun or Birmingham. You will participate in outreach events. During the public days of UvA you can present your experiment in talks and labtours or present physics demonstration experiments that you have developed and built. You are encouraged to join teams at UvA that prepare special events for minority groups, which encompass for example guiding pupils to create holograms.

The ESRs shall at the date of recruitment be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers and have not been awarded a doctoral degree. They must not have resided or carried out their main activity (e.g. work, studies) in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the three years immediately prior the recruitment date. Please take a look at the other open PhD positions on the Sr group website (www.strontiumBEC.com) if you do not fulfil these eligibility criteria.

What are you going to do

ESR2 - Precision laser stabilization and locking
The core of ESR2's project is to develop an ultrastable laser and use it for research. ERS2 will build an ultrastable, high-finesse cavity and lock a laser to it such that it has a linewidth well below 1 Hz. Light will be sent from this laser through phase-stabilized fiber links to the superradiant clock we develop within iqClock and serve to characterize its precision. These characterizations will be used to identify precision limiting effects and to improve the clock. A further research opportunity is to use this laser for internal state control in our programmable quantum simulator. Another aspect of ESR2's work will be the development of a scalable and simple system to lock all lasers required to operate a superradiant clock.

These ESR positions will be embedded within the projects described on our group website

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Designing, constructing and debugging ultracold atom experiments;
  • conducting research, resulting in academic publications in peer-reviewed international journals and/or books;
  • supervising Bachelor and Master theses and tutoring students;

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30-06-2022 Faculty of Science
Communicatieadviseur bij het UvA Teaching and Learning Centre

  • Wil je bijdragen aan de groei van het UvA Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), het netwerk voor en door docenten?
  • Krijg je energie van advies en uitvoering bij interne communicatieprojecten?
  • Vind je het leuk om de website tlc.uva.nl verder te ontwikkelen tot een platform voor de docentencommunity?

Dan is de functie van Communicatieadviseur bij de UvA Teaching and Learning Centre jou als breed inzetbare professional op het lijf geschreven.

Wat ga je doen

Je komt in het centrale UvA Teaching and Learning Centre te werken, waarbij je nauw samenwerkt met een collega communicatieadviseur. Het Teaching and Learning Centre is een netwerk voor en door docenten dat bestaat uit zeven facultaire TLC's en een centraal TLC. Het team van het centrale TLC bestaat uit 14 collega's die werken binnen de aandachtsgebieden docentprofessionalisering, onderwijsinnovatie, kennisdeling en onderzoek. Buiten dit team werk je nauw samen met de teams van de zeven facultaire TLC's, het IIS, collega's van de facultaire communicatieafdelingen en Bureau Communicatie.

Voorbeelden van projecten en vraagstukken waar je aan gaat werken:

  • De werving voor en bekendheid van onderwijsbeurzen zoals de UvA Grassroots beurs, de UvA Onderwijsinnovatie Beurs en de Fair Inclusive Resilient Societies themabeurs;
  • Kennisdeling van onderzoeksprojecten op het gebied van onderwijsvernieuwing, docentprofessionalisering en blended learning;
  • Advisering en ondersteuning van de projectmanagers en de manager van het TLC bij hun communicatieve rol;
  • Het bereik van docenten en de vindbaarheid van het UvA TLC zodat zij goed worden ondersteund bij het geven en (door-)ontwikkelen van hun onderwijs;
  • Ondersteuning van de facultaire TLC's bij hun communicatievraagstukken ism de communicatiecollega's uit hun faculteiten
  • De doorontwikkeling van tlc.uva.nl met content en functionaliteiten die aansluiten bij de behoefte van docenten.

Daarnaast ben je voorzitter van de redactie van tlc.uva.nl. Als senior adviseur coach je je collega communicatieadviseur plus een student-assistent en begeleid je de tekstschrijver die artikelen en andere content ontwikkelt voor tlc.uva.nl.

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29-06-2022 Bestuur en Bestuursstaf UvA
Post-doc 'Do-it-yourself governance of urban migration processes'

Are you exceptionally interested in the governance of migration, integration and diversity processes at the urban level, and specifically in the role of non-governmental institutions in a comparative setting? Is it your ambition to embark on an academic career in an internationally competitive environment? Do you like a challenging job in a dynamic setting?

The Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences is looking for a postdoctoral researcher. We are seeking a social scientist specialized in the combination of migration and urban studies.

The post-doc project is part of a larger comparative project funded by the EU under the Horizon program. The research team is partly based in the University of Amsterdam, partly in Koç University in Istanbul and partly in the Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. The postdoc is expected to contribute to joint activities as well.

What are you going to do

The larger project, entitled BROAD-ER, aims at building a Research Excellence Network which will foster interdisciplinary research and education at the nexus of migration and urban studies. It will offer scientific and research management training activities to researchers including research proposal management, key transferable skills (ethical issues, diversity, equity and inclusion, scientific outreach, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, etc.) while addressing research excellence in the project's fields. The training plans will be complemented with mobility activities allowing the establishment of networking structures and increasing the partner's internationalization.

On top of that, three post-doc researchers based at each of the partner universities will carry out interrelated research projects. These projects will examine themes from a multidisciplinary perspective, namely: i) how cities seek autonomy from the central government, adapt to diverse new roles, and develop new policy solutions and capacity-governance building, ii) how cities move towards forming more international, bilateral and multilateral relations with other cities as well as international organizations (city diplomacy), and iii) how actors at the urban level such as business people and community organizers develop new responses to their needs and the challenges they are facing, without involving the urban government therein.

The current post-doc based at UvA is expected to focus on the third theme.

A more extensive program description is available upon request.


You will be actively contributing to the BROAD-ER program as a whole, to the department and its the program groups, to UvA's interdisciplinary centers such as the Center for Urban Studies (CUS) and the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES), and so forth.

The post will require you:

  • to contribute to the broad and diverse research profile of sociology in Amsterdam by publishing in high-impact journals and with academic publishing houses, and participating in national and international research networks;
  • to develop and carry out empirical research at a high academic level, develop international leadership in this field, develop a line of research in collaboration with our partners from the BROAD-ER network, and staff members and other researchers working at the department and the wider Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR);
  • to acquire and help to acquire external funding for research (if need be);
  • to engage in activities in the public sphere and in other arenas outside academia;
  • to carry out organizational and administrative tasks for the wider BROAD-ER project.

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29-06-2022 Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
PhD Position in Homogeneous Catalysis

Are you interested in supramolecular chemistry, catalysis, and sustainable chemistry? Are you looking for a challenging PhD project, then we may have the ideal position for you. In the HomKat-group that is at the forefront in the field of supramolecular catalysis, we are looking for a motivated PhD student, who under the direct supervision of Dr. Sonja Pullen will work on the border between supramolecular coordination cages and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). The newly designed and prepared systems will be used as catalysts for the conversion of small molecules using orthogonal tandem catalysis.

What are you going to do

You will be part of the HomKat group (www.homkat.nl), providing a stimulating environment with knowledge in the area of homogeneous catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, and solar fuel devices. In the subgroup of Sonja Pullen, you will develop novel materials based on coordination cages, introduce catalysts as building blocks or guests, and perform functional and mechanistic studies. For this, we utilize advanced techniques such as (spectro-) electrochemistry, spectroscopy, and gas-chromatography. The envisioned research is highly interdisciplinary with several promising potential applications. You will have sufficient freedom to shape the project in the direction of your experience and or your interest . The working conditions are excellent with state-of-the-art research facilities.

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29-06-2022 Faculty of Science
Assistant Professor Persuasive Communication focusing on Marketing Communication in Digital Society

Are you passionate about research and teaching, specialized in the digital society or emerging media technologies in the context of marketing (brand) communication or consumer empowerment, and looking for a challenging job in a dynamic setting? We are looking for an Assistant Professor (evaluation for a permanent contract after 18 months).

The Department of Communication Science invites applications for an Assistant Professor in Persuasive Communication focusing on Marketing Communication in the Digital Society, starting no later than 16 January 2023. As an Assistant Professor, you will be a member of the Persuasive Communication Group which is one of the four program groups in the Department of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. The Persuasive Communication program group addresses communication that is intended to achieve specific persuasive goals, as is the case in, for instance, marketing and brand communication, health promotion, and public information campaigns.

The Persuasive Communication research group aims at studying factors that explain the development, reach, processing and effects of professional and consumer-generated messages in marketing- and health communication. We study how people use communication to fulfil their needs in commerce and health, how companies, providers and consumers communicate, and how this influences their attitudes, cognitions and behavior. Our work fits within the ASCoR Research programme. In the coming years, we aim to further understand the key challenges and opportunities that come with digitalization, AI and related developments such as personalization and fragmentation. Our research focuses on the challenges and opportunities it offers to individuals, including manipulation, human-machine communication, algorithmic persuasion, and the increasing importance of influencers. For this position we therefore search for new colleagues who focus on topics that are central to digitalization like AI, algorithms, chat bots, voice assistants, VR, social media etc. The ideal candidate studies such topics in the context of marketing- and brand communication or consumer empowerment. Affinity or experience with using computational methods in your research is a plus.

Courses we teach in the Master's are the specialization seminars marketing communication and health communication, and electives like brand communication, digital analytics, brands and organizations on social media, persuasion & resistance, and persuasive design. In the Bachelor, we teach the domain module persuasive communication, elective courses about algorithmic persuasion, health communication and content marketing, and graduation projects in which students write their Bachelor thesis. PersCom colleagues are also involved in general communication science courses, and methods courses about experiments, survey, content analysis, or general statistics courses like statistical modelling. More information on these courses can be found here. Most of our courses are organized in tutorials or seminars of approximately 25 students, and are taught by a team of lecturers.

Within the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Communication Science offers a Bachelor's and several Master's degree programmes. With more than 2,400 undergraduate and graduate students, Communication Science is among the largest departments at the University of Amsterdam with an outstanding international reputation. The College of Communication and the Graduate School of Communication offer a Bachelor and Master program, a European joint degree program in Journalism and a Research Master, the only of its kind in the Netherlands. The teaching in our Communication Science program is interdisciplinary and internationally oriented, offering tracks taught in both English and Dutch. The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) is the research institute for the Communication Science department, and formulated an ambitious Research programme. The Department is the home of the Communication and Digital Society Initiative, the Digital Communications Methods Lab and it participates in several of the University and Faculty Research Priority Areas.

What are you going to do

As an Assistant Professor (40% research 60% teaching), you:

  • teach courses in the programmes of the Bachelor and Master communication science in Dutch and/or English, including substantive theoretical coursework and methodological coursework, depending on educational demand (currently we are looking for someone who is able to teach the more marketing communication related courses in our program);
  • organize teaching in the field of Persuasive Communication, from first year's bachelor courses to courses in the master track Persuasive Communication;
  • supervise and evaluate Bachelor theses, Master theses and internships;
  • conduct research on new media technologies or the digital society in marketing communication, brand communication or consumer empowerment within the ASCoR research program
  • take part in outreach and impact activities;
  • contribute to and lead applications for external funding;
  • participate in committees, groups and projects in the program group Persuasive Communication.

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29-06-2022 Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences