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Learning Innovation Consultant

A day in the life of a learning innovation consultant

08:30 Start work. Coffee! Read emails

09:00 Research the latest insights on learner responsibility and autonomy

10:00 Team meeting to discuss the progress of the programmatic assessment implementation

11:00 Facilitate a learning design session for a bachelor course

13:00 Lunch

13:30 Meeting with the directors of the international MBA programme about adding experiential learning activities

14:30 Give teachers a demonstration of a tool they can use for peer feedback

14:45 Write a project plan for a master programme that is eager to switch its curriculum to a more competency-based approach

17:00 Advise a teacher on how to increase interactivity during lectures

17:30 Have a drink with the team (not every day, of course)

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05-12-2022 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University
Platform- en eventmanager voor CollectieveKracht

  • Creëren en plaatsen van content, zowel voor offline als online toepassingen, in het Nederlands en het Engels.
  • Modereren en activeren van activiteiten op het CollectieveKracht-platform.
  • Het onderhouden en versterken van de relatie met maatschappelijke partijen, zowel online als offline, in samenwerking met andere teamleden.
  • Het organiseren van activiteiten, uiteenlopend van het opstellen van het programma en het regelen van praktische zaken (locatie, catering) tot het bijhouden van de inschrijvingen en de technische ondersteuning tijdens het evenement.
  • Het onderhouden van contacten met de platformontwikkelaar, visueel vormgever en andere betrokkenen.
  • Het ontwerpen van producten op basis van de huisstijl, zoals powerpoints, flyers en affiches.

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01-12-2022 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University
Education co-ordinator

  • You support the preparation of the academic year by:
    • Collecting and providing information and updates about the department's curricula, courses, electives, instructors, credits, and student eligibility criteria
    • Ensuring the timely delivery of complete and accurate course catalogue entries for all courses of the programme
    • Ensuring timely and complete delivery of scheduling requests to the schedulers and keeping track of the courses' timetables
  • You support education delivery by:
    • Ensuring that the syllabi are of good quality and accessible for students on time
    • Ensuring that course-level support is provided; where applicable, managing teaching assistants
    • Ensuring that education material and teaching cases used in the department's courses are registered in a complete, correct, and timely manner
    • Organising technical support for instructors in the classroom where required
  • You support student assessment by:
    • Supporting the creation and documentation of the programme assessment plan
    • Ensuring that assessment policies and guidelines are observed
    • Ensuring timely, accurate, and confidential logging of exam questions for all courses in the relevant exam software
    • Supporting instructors with grade registration and the exam perusal
  • You support quality assurance by:
    • Regularly hosting student feedback meetings
    • Maintaining an overview of the quality of the courses, the programme, and the thesis trajectory
    • Exchanging best practices within the RSM education co-ordinator community
    • Working with the Learning Innovation Team/Risbo to identify opportunities for innovation
    • Working to align the education to vision(s) for programme(s)
    • Creating reports for accreditations and rankings
  • You support resource co-ordination by:
    • Tracking and planning teaching and teaching support to identify resource needs, and creating a longer-term resource plan
    • Co-ordinating recruiting, training and contracts for teaching assistants (TAs)
    • Working with academic directors (ADs) to ensure that teaching resource needs are met
    • Working with ADs and head of department to create long-term resource plans for the department

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25-11-2022 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University
PhD programme officer

As our programme officer for the Part-time PhD, we expect you to:

  • provide incoming PhD students with official agreements and letters
  • process and administrate the invoices and payments of the PhD programme
  • support PhD students with their promotion trajectory in the administrative system Hora Finita
  • support PhD students with the publication of their dissertation and facilitate their graduation process
  • contribute to the smooth and optimal quality service delivery of the PhD programme, including personal relations and admission.

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21-11-2022 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University
Lecturer in Organisation Theory and Change

Your role is to support our bachelor and master degree programmes by teaching and coordinating various courses.

Tasks include:

  • Teaching master and bachelor students, ideally connecting macro and micro perspectives with a focus on change and Organisation Theory (topics like organizations and work digitization are also welcomed); potential for teaching post-graduate students
  • Supervising master and bachelor theses
  • Coordinating courses
  • Developing of teaching materials and research into educational-related management topics
  • Contributing to the department's furthering of OT scholarship via instruction
  • Engaging in RSM's mission: being a force for positive change

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17-11-2022 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University