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PhD-student on the project IMAGINATION

The Erasmus MC Cancer Institute is searching for a PhD student in physics, applied mathematics, technical medicine, or related field. The selected candidate will work in a multi-disciplinary team of physicists, medical physicists, and radiation oncologists at a world leading university medical center and in close collaboration with Holland Proton Therapy Center (HollandPTC) and TU Delft in order to improve cancer treatment with proton therapy.

When using radiotherapy to treat cancer, there is unavoidable damage to healthy tissues surrounding the tumor. Proton Therapy (PT) is a new type of radiotherapy, holding the promise of better preserving healthy tissues surrounding the tumor, due to the finite range of protons. This can substantially reduce severe treatment side effects, and could potentially allow to deliver higher doses to tumors to enhance cure rates. However, this advantage also comes at the cost of increased sensitivity to uncertainties in patient alignment and changes in patient anatomy, e.g. caused by day-to-day variations in bladder filling or tumor shrinkage. To provide a solution, the IMAGINATION project aims to develop and clinically implement for the first time worldwide fully automated online adaptive proton therapy for patients with head and neck cancer. This will enable PT treatments to be adjusted to the exact anatomy of the patient on each day without any interaction from the physicians and the treatment planners, thus making use of the full tissue sparing potential offered by PT.

This is a collaborative project between TU Delft, Erasmus MC and HollandPTC, in which 2 PhDs will work closely together with the 3 institutes and their staff. During the project numerical methods and algorithms will be developed that enable automated progressive daily adaptation of the treatment plans during the course of the treatment; fast online refinement of treatments before each treatment session; automated quality assurance of adapted and refined plans; and online patient specific quality assurance based on the actually delivered treatment.

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13-11-2019 Erasmus MC
Postdoctoral Researcher on the project: high frame rate echography of the heart

We currently have three open positions for a postdoc in the biomedical engineering field. The current research line on high frame rate echography contains several projects that try to push the limits of this exciting technology. We can image all fast cardiac events in slow motion and thus unravel the complex and adaptive processes of the beating heart: its blood flow patterns and activation, perfusion, stiffness change and detailed motion of the myocardium. The task of the postdocs is to further develop these techniques and bring them towards a preclinical (animal) study, to volunteers, and/or to pilot studies with patients. We use and develop technical implementations of the high frame technique, on fully-programmable research ultrasound systems and high-end clinical scanners adapted for these projects.

Technical tasks: we are developing novel 3D ultrasound probes, based on custom designed Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Development of these experimental probes involves iterative cycles of acoustic design, manufacturing, and testing for imaging. These will be performed for a large part by groups at Delft University of Technology, in close collaboration with the postdocs. Concept developement and testing of high-framerate imaging schemes for these architectures is an important part of the tasks.

Pre-clinical studies: we will use 2D and 3D contrast-enhanced high frame rate imaging in pre-clinical experiments to compare myocardial perfusion to gold-standard angiography around the left ventricle after induced ischemia (30 mins of occlusion vs. 2 h of occlusion, where no-reflow is expected for the second group but not the first). In a parallel line, we will investigate the effect of myocardial stiffness and loading conditions on minute motion of the myocardial wall (so called shear wave elastography). Experiments will be performed in close collaboration with the department of Experimental Cardiology.

Clinical studies: in several small pilot studies (around 10 subjects per study) we will use the developed measurement techniques on volunteers and patients. Starting from the functioning framework for these 2D and 3D high frame rate techniques, further testing on performance and safety will be undertaken before the actual clinical validation.

For all tasks described above, a postdoc will be organising these experiments and overviewing the execution, and analysing the results in terms of both technical and physiological implication and relevance. Furthermore, the postdocs will contribute to the overall aims of the projects including national and international conference presentations, MSc and PhD supervision, and project reporting. The projects are part of large research efforts: "QUANTO" (as a personal grant to the principal investigator, H.J. Vos),"MIFFY", and "3D-ICE" granted by the Dutch research funding agency NWO-AES, and "EFFECTS", which was also partly funded by the Dutch Heart Foundation. These efforts aim at developing the technique from idea to bedside within 5 years, and will run both at the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology. The teams consist of multi-disciplinary partners including PhD students, engineers and cardiologists and are supported by industry.

The candidates will take a pivotal role in these projects, giving co-supervision to PhD candidates and coordinating and organizing the scientific efforts in the projects.

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12-11-2019 Erasmus MC
PhD student voor ‘Vroeg stadium melanoom; wie ontwikkelt afstandmetastasen?’

Tijdens dit project zul je samenwerken met verschillende afdelingen van het Erasmus MC (o.a. pathologie, chirurgie en oncologie) en onze consortium partners: het Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland (IKNL) en een commerciële partner (SkylineDx). Het doel van dit project is om patiënten met een vroeg stadium melanoom te identificeren (zonder metastasen bij eerste diagnose), die een hoog risico hebben om afstandsmetastasen (bijv. in de longen, lever of hersenen) te ontwikkelen.

Elk jaar worden meer dan 6.500 nieuwe patiënten in Nederland gediagnosticeerd met een melanoom. De meeste van deze patiënten (90%) worden gediagnosticeerd met een vroeg stadium melanoom. Alhoewel de prognose van de meeste patiënten goed is, is 40% van alle patiënten die overlijden aan een melanoom in eerste instantie gediagnosticeerd met een vroeg stadium melanoom. Tijdens dit project zul je gezondheidszorg gegevens analyseren die routinematig verzameld zijn. Deze data wordt verrijkt met moleculaire diagnostiek, zodat alle patiënt en tumorkarakteristieken gebruikt kunnen worden in een predictie model. De focus van dit project ligt bij een gensignature van het primaire melanoom en de tumor microenvironment, gecombineerd met patiënt karakteristieken.

Tijdens dit project zal pharmacoepidemiologisch onderzoek worden gecombineerd met translationeel onderzoek. Moleculaire analyses zullen worden uitgevoerd door laboranten van het Erasmus MC en SkylineDx, maar je zult de meeste data hiervan zelf analyseren.

Het uiteindelijke predictiemodel moet toepasbaar zijn in elk pathologie laboratorium. De identificatie van melanoom patiënten met een hoog risico op afstandmetastasen moet leiden tot het identificeren van een doelpopulatie voor een vroege interventie (bijv. meer follow-up of adjuvante therapie), zodat de mortaliteit van het melanoom omlaag gaat.

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07-11-2019 Erasmus MC
Postdoc on treatment and eventually prevention of cow’s milk allergy

Cow's milk allergy (CMA) is the most common food allergy in young children, with prevalence rates estimated at 2.0%. Processing of cow's milk determines the immunogenic and allergenic properties of the milk proteins and is therefore implicated in induction of allergy as well as the induction of tolerance. This project therefore aims at understanding the mechanisms underlying both processes, in order to find solutions to treat and eventually prevent CMA. Additionally, a prototype product will be designed and tested in a double blind randomised placebo controlled study for its capabilities to induce tolerance in CMA children. Preventing and treating CMA will lead to benefits on a patients level (for the child: physical, psychological, social), on a parents level (psychological, social, economic), as well as on macroeconomic level (health economics). The study started in 2018 will due till 2022.

The postdoc will perform data management and analysis, coordinate several spin-offs from the study, communicate with the 8 participating clinics and will take care of finalizing and closing of the study. Research output e.g. publication and presentation will be part of the job.

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30-10-2019 Erasmus MC

Als onderzoeksmedewerker draagt u in teamverband bij aan het uitvoeren van één of meerdere wetenschappelijke projecten op het gebied van (preventieve) integrale zorg voor kwetsbare groepen zoals jeugdigen en ouderen. U draagt bij aan het Europese Horizon 2020 project VALUECARE in 7 Europese landen. Wij doen de Europese coördinatie, een Rotterdamse pilot studie en de evaluatie in Europa. VALUECARE ontwikkelt en evalueert op waarde gedreven integrale zorg voor ouderen met ondersteuning door nieuwe ICT toepassingen. U draagt bij aan de coördinatie, de opzet, uitvoering en Engelstalige rapportages. U ondersteunt de organisatie van het consortium en de uitvoering van de deelprojecten op alle vlakken. Dit houdt in dat u bijvoorbeeld internationale bijeenkomsten organiseert, deelnemers werft, Engelstalige rapportages en nieuwsbrieven verzorgt, deelprojecten uitvoert en problemen oplost. U werkt daarbij samen met collega onderzoekers die aan de studie werken. Ook draagt u bij aan andere projecten en aan algemene taken in de onderzoeksectie.

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30-10-2019 Erasmus MC