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Postdoc on the project: Deep Imaging-Genetics for Osteoarthritis

The project is part of a recently announced and highly ambitious research programme "Convergence for Health and Technology", a joint initiative of Erasmus MC and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The TU Delft, the highest ranked university of technology of the Netherlands, and Erasmus MC, the largest university medical centre in the Netherlands, together have the expertise, resources, facilities and drive to profoundly impact on the future of health and healthcare in the Netherlands and beyond.

This project aims at enabling earlier diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA), improving prediction of OA progression and effects of interventions, and enhancing the understanding of underlying disease processes, using a comprehensive imaging-genetics approach. You will work on the integration of high-dimensional genomics and imaging data, design novel deep learning models for such data, and develop rigorous statistical learning methodology to derive powerful diagnostic, predictive and causal models. The project brings together worldwide experts in early diagnosis of OA, genomics of OA, as well as advanced mathematical modelling and image analysis. This expertise in combination with unique resources (the world largest longitudinal dataset on OA, and clinical trials through the OA-trial bank) creates an enormous opportunity to advance the field

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20-05-2020 Erasmus MC
Beleidsadviseur Onderzoek

Als beleidsadviseur Onderzoek werk je op het gebied van wetenschappelijke integriteit. Je ontwikkelt beleid en implementeert procedures en tools ten behoeve van kwaliteitsbeleid voor excellent klinisch onderzoek met inachtneming van de wet- en regelgeving. Je verzamelt, interpreteert en verspreidt informatie en documentatie op gebied van kwaliteit van onderzoek en draagt zorg voor de voorbereiding van interne/externe audits. Je adviseert over de kwaliteitsverbetering in het klinisch onderzoek waaronder monitoring. Hierbij volg je grote (inter)nationale trends en werk je proactief samen met interne en externe stakeholders. Daarnaast ben je coördinator van de BROK®-activiteiten in het Erasmus MC en verzorg je cursussen op het gebied van wetenschappelijke Integriteit.

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12-05-2020 Erasmus MC
Postdoc in Molecular Biology

As a postdoc you will study antibody-mediated hematopoietic stem cell (HSC)-depletion in a TKI-LSH project of Health Holland. The goal of this study is to improve the kinetics and magnitude of c-KIT antibody-mediated conditioning prior to HSC transplantation to enhance donor HSC chimerism in the BM after transplantation without short and long-term toxicity. You will further develop e.g. experimental mouse models for HSC transplantation and in vitro HSC assays, perform ELISA and flow cytometry. You will directly supervise technicians and participate in the experimental design and execution of mouse studies, interpretation and presentation of the data and preparation of the manuscripts. Furthermore you are expected to collaborate closely with scientists from the Immunology Department and within the Erasmus MC.

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29-04-2020 Erasmus MC
Postdoctoral researcher on OCT imaging of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory and lipid-driven disease of the artery walls. In the coronary circulation, it is the main cause of ischemic heart disease and kills approximately 10 million people per year through myocardial infarctions and subsequent heart failure. Treatment of coronary artery disease by stent implantation can be guided by intravascular imaging with catheter-based optical coherence tomography (IV-OCT).

In this project we will realize an OCT system that can perform spectroscopic imaging for identification of atherosclerotic lesion composition. Lipid-rich plaques are associated with worse long-term outcomes for patients. Knowledge of their presence and molecular make-up may inform device- or drug-based treatment strategy. The objective is to design, build and validate an IV-OCT system, using a new wavelength-swept light source, that is ready for clinical evaluation in a single-centre study. The acquired data will be analyzed and validated for detection and identification of lipids in the coronary artery walls.

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16-04-2020 Erasmus MC
AIOS Reumatologie

De opleiding bestaat uit een zesjarig traject (vooropleiding Inwendige geneeskunde van drie jaar, gevolgd door drie jaar specialisatie Reumatologie) conform de opleidingseisen van de Registratiecommissie Geneeskundige Specialismen (RGS). Op grond van zowel verricht wetenschappelijke onderzoek als klinische ervaring kan korting op de opleidingsduur gegeven worden. Als AIOS zult u zowel voor de vooropleiding Inwendige geneeskunde als de vervolgopleiding Reumatologie in het Erasmus MC en in één van de twee andere opleidingsziekenhuizen werkzaam zijn.

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15-04-2020 Erasmus MC