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Postdoc on the subject of characterisation and benchmarking of quantum computers

Quantum computing devices are rapidly increasing in scale and complexity. However they are still very far away from the abstract ideal of a computer. For the foreseeable future, running any kind of useful task or algorithm on such a device means explicitly taking into account their physical limitations. The goal of this project is to do theoretical research in the characterisation of noise in quantum devices, with an eye towards experimental implementation. Potential research topics include shadow estimation, benchmarks for quantum computers, and the development of novel characterisation procedures more generally.

This position is established as part of the Quantum Delta NL (https://www.quantumdelta.nl) program, the Dutch national initiative funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy for the development of quantum technology.

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15-06-2022 Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
PhD students, on evolutionary machine learning for explainable AI in medicine.

The Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) located in Amsterdam, and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) located in Leiden, together have 2 vacancies for fully funded Ph.D. students on the development of evolutionary machine learning techniques to support an explainable artificial intelligence (AI) approach to be applied to medical data.

CWI and LUMC closely collaborate on innovations in the medical domain along the entire spectrum from algorithmic foundations to clinical integration. Currently, CWI (the Life Sciences and Health research group) and LUMC (the department of radiation oncology) are looking for 2 talented Ph.D. students (one to be hired at CWI and one to be hired at LUMC) to work on new techniques for and novel combinations of evolutionary algorithms and machine learning. One position is funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) and the other position is funded by the Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds.

Machine learning (ML), especially deep learning, has shown to be capable of impressive results in many fields of science and society. Nevertheless, in most cases, learned models are still incomprehensible black boxes for humans. Especially for disciplines such as medicine, this is a bottleneck for widespread adoption, because for clinical use, medical experts want to understand what has been learned and why for a new patient a certain prediction is done.

We will therefore focus on types of ML that provide models that can be insightfully inspected and understood. Specifically, these models are made up of (combinations of) symbolic expressions, deep neural networks for medical images and radiation dose distributions (used for treating cancer), and Bayesian networks that can be used to create explainable prediction models (e.g., of treatment outcomes).

To learn such explainable models, powerful and versatile optimization algorithms are required. For this, the intention is to make combinations with and innovate the state-of-the-art research line on model-based evolutionary algorithms known as the Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithm (GOMEA) family, including the exploitation of recently published new insights into its (GPU) parallelization capabilities.

The intention is that both Ph.D. students will work on novel combinations of evolutionary algorithms and machine learning, where one Ph.D. student (position at LUMC) is intended to focus on deep neural networks for medical images (with a focus on extracting interpretable features), while the other Ph.D. student (position at CWI) is intended to focus on Bayesian network evolution.

The two projects of which these two positions are a part, are close intertwined and consist of a total of 5 Ph.D. students, 3 of which focus more on the technological side, and 2 more on the medical side. All Ph.D. students are however intended to closely collaborate and be interested in both sides of the project. Because of the collaborative nature of these projects, both candidates are expected to spend at least one day per week at the other institute.

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25-05-2022 Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
female PhD student for the Constance van Eeden PhD fellowship

Constance van Eeden (1927-2021) was one of the first female PhD students who worked at CWI from 1954 to 1960, and was also one of the first female PhD students in statistics in the Netherlands.

In order to create more awareness for the position of female researchers and to attract talented female researchers who are not immediately on CWI's scope CWI offers special positions for a talented female researcher at the start of her career as of 2022.

Who can apply?
You hold a Master's degree in Mathematics or Computer Science or a related field of science.
You have a special interest in one of CWI's focus areas: Algorithms, Data & Intelligent Systems, Cryptology & Security, and Quantum Computing:
You have a grade point average of 8
You are motivated to be an ambassador for the recruitment of more women in science.

What do we offer you?

  • A PhD position at CWI of four years with an optional extension year.
  • Freedom to choose within which research group the PhD will take place.
  • Dedicated Mentor or coach (senior researcher?).
  • Residency at a prestigious international institute/university for the duration of approximately six months.
  • A larger budget for training and travel.
  • An extension year when more time is needed to expand your knowledge.

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17-05-2022 Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
Ukrainian researchers, who work on a subject related to a research group

The Russian military invasion on Ukraine has profoundly shocked us all and still continues to do so every day. Along with other knowledge institutions, NWO has decided to suspend all formal and institutional partnerships with educational and knowledge institutions in the Russian Federation and Belarus immediately until further notice, following an urgent appeal from our ministry.

CWI is fully aware of the enormous consequences for the Ukrainian people. This of course also had a huge impact on Ukrainian researchers, especially for those who had to flee and can't continue their research as usual. To offer support to those Ukrainian researchers, we offer two (unpaid) guest positions at CWI. With these guest positions, you will receive full hospitality in one of our research groups, which includes a working place at CWI, use of our research facilities, cooperation in a research group or even supervision by one of our senior researchers, and of course peer support.

If needed and wanted, CWI can offer help for example with visa, advice and help through our company doctor, courses etc.

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13-04-2022 Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
Informatiespecialist (v/m/x) 32 uur per week

Voor onze Bibliotheek (Informatie & Documentatie) zoeken we een Informatiespecialist, die de wetenschappelijke output van onze CWI onderzoekers inzichtelijk en beschikbaar maakt. Hiervoor beheer je de CWI Institutional Repository (ir.cwi.nl) waarin ons wetenschappelijke werk wordt geregistreerd en die voor allerlei doelen zoals rapportage, evaluatiecijfers en profilering wordt gebruikt. Je verzamelt en voert publicaties en ander werk in, analyseert en interpreteert resultaten, zorgt voor kwaliteitsbewaking van metadata, past processen aan bij veranderende behoeftes, informeert onze onderzoekers, adviseert over je vakgebied, etc.

Gezien het belang van de publieke wetenschap hecht CWI grote waarde aan Open Science in brede zin. Landelijk en internationaal ontwikkelt het landschap zich snel. Je zal nauw samenwerken met de teamleider van de afdeling (Coördinator Informatie & Open Access) om het beleid in praktijk te brengen. Om jouw functie invulling te geven heb je veelvuldig contact met onze onderzoekers binnen het instituut, en daarnaast met collega's van IT vanwege de ontwikkeling van systemen en applicatie- en softwarebeheer, en van de projectadministratie voor het koppelen van data. Ook heb je externe contacten, zoals met bibliotheken, archieven, andere onderzoeksinstituten van NWO of (software)leveranciers.

De afdeling heeft als doel om informatie, papier en digitaal, publiek beschikbaar te houden. Onze bibliotheek heeft dan ook een uitgebreide Wiskunde & Informatica collectie. In totaal werken er bij de bibliotheek drie fulltime medewerkers (waarvan deze vacature er 1 is) en twee parttimers. In dit kleine team werk je, naast je hoofdtaak, samen met de directe collega's om de hands-on activiteiten van de afdeling uit te voeren zoals balie- en archiefwerk.

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24-03-2022 Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica