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Postdoc Visual Neuroscience

This is a collaborative project between the labs of Kamermans and De Zeeuw lab. Both labs are strongly multidisciplinary and have a background in electrophysiology, morphology, molecular biology, eye-movement recordings, computational modeling, and behavioral essays.

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24-05-2022 Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Team Lead/ Senior Developer - DANS

What you'll be doing

You will be leading three developers (Integration Systems Team, IST) focused on Python and Javascript-based services and applications. Within DANS, you will be joining 20 colleagues in the Technology Section and report to the CTO.

The focus of the development work is on creation and implementation of API services, web applications, and workflow integration in the field of Research Data Management. The IST is participating in several national and EU-funded projects, and as such, you will collaborate and interact with users, developers and systems architects within the broader EU context of Research Data Management. Your own work will focus on solution design in an Agile development environment, coding and implementation of selected components and elements, and code review. The CTO, in collaboration with others, provides high-level requirements, specifications and architecture for the team's work.

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23-05-2022 DANS
Bioinformatician - Hubrecht Institute - Utrecht

Description of the project: DNA carries the instructions of life, but is also under constant attack. The resulting damage, if not repaired, leads to mutation and disease. Common environmental mutagens include sunlight and cigarette smoke, but the integrity of DNA is also threatened by chemicals produced by our own body. Our labs seek to understand the 1) sources of DNA damage in a physiological setting and 2) molecular mechanisms of DNA repair, and how these prevent mutagenesis. In order to do this, we use genetics in a number of systems, including mice, to modulate metabolism and DNA repair and gain mechanistic insight into how these processes drive mutation. The candidate will set up and run pipelines to map WGS data, call variants and quantify mutation signatures. In addition, the candidate will develop novel tools to study mutation in single cells and ultra-accurate detection of mutation using duplex barcoding methods. The candidate will work closely with members of the Garaycoechea lab and will benefit from the extensive Bioinformatician community at the Hubrecht Institute.

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20-05-2022 Hubrecht Institute
HR adviseur - Rathenau/DANS

Dit ga je doen:
Je adviseert en ondersteunt de leidinggevenden bij de P&O vraagstukken. Je verzorgt de recruitment ook in een internationale context. Je adviseert het managementteam op het gebied van thema's als strategische personeelsplanning, verzuimbegeleiding, bevorderen van vitaliteit, opleiding & ontwikkeling. Uiteraard borg jij vanuit jouw rol de toepassing van de primaire- en secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden, de cao en wet- en regelgeving. Je bent klankbord en vraagbaak voor de leidinggevenden en voor de medewerkers. Je informeert medewerkers van de instituten over regelingen inzake functioneren, duurzame loopbaanontwikkeling, rechtspositie en/of arbeidsvoorwaarden. Je coördineert de personeelsadministratie van het Rathenau Instituut en DANS en bent verantwoordelijk voor de dagelijkse aansturing van de medewerkers P&O. Je werkt samen met andere P&O adviseurs en beleidsmedewerkers van de KNAW, aan de ontwikkeling, digitalisering en implementatie van het P&O beleid binnen de KNAW. Je rapporteert direct aan het Rathenau Instituut en DANS.

Additionele informatie

High Quality Recruitment ondersteunt DANS en het Rathenau Instituut exclusief in deze procedure. Dit betekent dat reactie van andere bureaus niet op prijs worden gesteld. Vragen, reacties en sollicitaties kunnen worden verstuurd naar Berrit Frankema, bereikbaar via b.frankema@high-quality.nl of via 06 - 52 37 26 97.

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19-05-2022 Rathenau instituut
Technician - Hubrecht Institute - Utrecht

In the Hiiragi Group at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, Netherlands, we study self-organisation principles of mammalian embryonic development and perform cutting-edge research using mouse models. We are seeking to appoint a full-time technical assistant interested in and enthusiastic about working with mouse models to assist with mouse work in the animal facility.

As part of an international research group, you will be responsible for maintenance of in-house mouse colonies and serve as a liaison between the lab and the animal facility staff. You will need excellent organisational skills and attention to detail, as you will have to maintain accurate records of experimentation, animal use and breeding in a database. You will handle animals in a laboratory setting and perform basic procedures, ensuring the highest standard of care and welfare to the animals.

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17-05-2022 Hubrecht institute