DEBUG: set debugmode active via shortcode, level: 10
DEBUG: Plugin-Licence here is active for
DEBUG: version of plugin: 3.7.7
DEBUG: parser set via shortcode: twig
DEBUG: selected parser: twig
DEBUG: active method: get
DEBUG: dynamic url NOT allowed, therefore ignore pathparam / fileext. Switch on: See plugin-options
DEBUG: curloptions really used:
DEBUG: Caching-Foldercheck: Cachefolders ok and available
DEBUG: use this cachefile: /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/cache/jsoncontentimporterpro/c2a40131dad47bc987a3cd37e6abf66f.cgi
DEBUG: Caching is NOT enabled
DEBUG: set urlgettimeout via shortcode: 120
DEBUG: postbody IGNORED, this is used only if WP-POST is selected as method:
GET-Header sent to API: (DEBUG: (timeout: 120) (followlocation: ) (headers: ) )
DEBUG: api-answer:
If it's JSON: Copypaste (click in box, Strg-A marks all, then insert into clipboard) the JSON from the following box to