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Project Manager Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I)

As Project Manager Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) you will work in Royal IHC's service division in the Asset Upgrade department. The goal of this department is to manage the execution of projects that are defined as those in which existing vessels or equipment will be upgraded or changed, and where two or more Royal IHC organisations or units are involved. As Project Manager E&I, you will be responsible for the integration of main systems on our vessels, specifications and demarcations of electrical systems for requesting, contracting, and delivering projects in time, of specified quality and in the budget. You will also assess supplier offers on a technical and financial level and coordinate between suppliers concerning the electrical system integration. Further, you will take care of generated documents, verify delivered documents, identify imperfections and escalate significant bottlenecks in a timely way.

As Project Manager Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I), you will attend FATs, lead a project team of supervisors, subcontractors and (lead) engineers, and will be a full-fledged partner in customer consultations where it concerns electrical installations and system integration onboard. In case of deviations from the specifications, you advise the Project Director regarding time, money and quality.

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27-11-2019 Koninklijke IHC
QC Engineer

As QC Engineer at IHC IQIP, you ensure that both customer and internal quality expectations are met. You are responsible for optimum coordination between internal production departments, our supply chain, and internal departments. Therefore you prepare, conduct and document appropriate quality surveillance, inspection, and control within applicable areas of production and project execution. You focus on the reduction of cost failure, development of supplier performance, product quality improvement and process development / QA. You will be part of the IHC IQIP QHSE team and you report directly to the Manager QHSE. Your responsibilities as the QC Engineer are:

  • technical guidance and support in QA/QC, creating inspection and test plans for projects in the offshore wind, coastal and civil, oil and gas and decommissioning markets;
  • conduct internal and external tests and inspections within the production process according to the inspection- and test plan and assist in coordinating the interface with the external inspection agencies;
  • performing internal and external visual and dimensional inspections to be able to determine dimensionally and shape deviations and document all inspection results and feedback provided;
  • guide and assist in Non-destructive testing and coordinate Destructive testing with involved inspection agencies;
  • creating new Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), record and analyze the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) and organize welder certification;
  • coordinate compliance and maintenance of the ISO 3834 Welding Management System;
  • organize, conduct and document Factory Acceptance Tests, Function Tests and Load Tests for both handling equipment and hydro hammers;
  • investigating and report the cause of non-conformance, deviations, and complaints and coordinate necessary actions as a cross-departmental party;
  • liaising with suppliers, procurement and inspectors regarding final material, welding, coating, and quality documentation;
  • blocking and quarantining products for which there is doubt of quality and/or you have decided to approve or decline that product based on standards, specifications, and drawings;
  • performing internal and external (Quality) audits and reporting and coordinating corrective actions
  • attending and representing IHC IQIP during external final inspections also in presence with the customer and external inspection agencies;
  • taking care of project QA/QC documentation and suggest an improvement for company quality documentation and assist in maintaining the organization's (Quality) Management System;
  • verification and review of applicable product specifications and continuously identify improvements in any area of quality and propose suitable recommendations.

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30-10-2019 Koninklijke IHC
Tactical Purchaser - Project Purchaser

IHC Services is an entity of Royal IHC and the Purchasing department is responsible for the supply chain of aftermarket for technical goods and services covering the clusters within IHC Services. IHC Services is looking for an experienced self-sufficient, hands-on and efficient Tactical - Project Purchaser. The role is mentioned as Tactical and Project Purchasing because we expect you to combine those two fields which makes it a diverse and dynamic role. The Tactical - Project Purchaser will interact with the Project Buying team, Project team, Category Management, and other internal and external stakeholders.

In this role as Tactical - Project Purchaser, you will work in close cooperation with the business and the SCM organization. Effectiveness, commercial thinking, stakeholder engagement, relationship management, and organizational sensitivity are all essential in this role. At all times, you will act in the best interests of the company. As such, you will negotiate adequate and appropriate conditions with suppliers. You must be capable of initiating and implementing sustainable improvement within the category supply chain. Some of your responsibilities will be:

  • managing all procurement activities for specific vessels and/or projects
  • ensuring that the quality of purchased items meets the specified requirements
  • being aware of contractual obligations for each order placed (for example delivery performance)
  • ensuring the necessary expediting of all suppliers by phone and e-mail
  • liaising closely with the Logistics team on all upcoming and existing shipments
  • issuing a weekly report that highlights the critical items that may have incurred delays and/or the materials due for shipment
  • reporting to the Project team for matters related to the organization of inspection activities required for the delivery of specific equipment and, if necessary, arranging a visit
  • making requests for materials and services in both local and international markets
  • obtaining quotes, and making estimates and technical reviews
  • selecting suppliers and enabling the continuous improvement of the supply chain
  • ensuring that all relevant IHC procedures relating to procurement activities are understood and enforced by all relevant parties
  • monitoring supplier performance, and drawing up contracts and frameworks in cooperation with the Category Manager (E&A) and Legal department
  • making proposals to optimize the procurement process
  • all procurement activities that help to deliver the project within OSBIT.

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30-10-2019 Koninklijke IHC
Commissioning & Service Engineer Hydraulic

In the field, the Commissioning & Service Engineer is responsible for the on-site commissioning of systems contracted by IHC SAS-Hytop. You are responsible for solving defects and services at IHC SAS-Hytop equipment at our customer's locations worldwide. At the premises of IHC SAS-Hytop you are responsible for inspections and developing commissioning plans of our products at our locations in Sliedrecht and Alphen aan den Rijn. With your knowledge and expertise, you contribute to the different phases and areas of designing, producing, commissioning and deployment of our worldwide reputed equipment. Your valuable and appreciated feedback of your experience and expertise is part of the ongoing development of IHC SAS-Hytop products. You will coordinate and hands on execute commissioning and Site Acceptance Tests for state-of-the-art hydraulic systems on board of dredging vessels, offshore vessels and offshore installations in accordance with the technical specifications and contractual requirements. After delivery you will independently resolve defects and perform maintenance and repairs on complex hydraulic installations and equipment around the world. Daily reporting regarding progress and findings is essential to provide product feedback to the IHC SAS-Hytop organization in order to enhance products. The temporary periods abroad are up to four weeks. In this role you will report to the Manager Service and Commissioning.
As Commissioning Engineer you'll possess:

  • a sound sense of responsibility, flexibility and, good communicative and social skills.
  • the ability to work autonomous on board vessels and equipment at well facilitated shipyards, but also at challenging locations worldwide.
  • an eagerness to have a varied job in- and outside The Netherlands
  • the ability to deal with both IHC personnel, personnel of subcontractors or the client and employees of clients in ever changing conditions.
  • an open eye for innovative ideas to improve our products
  • a willingness and eagerness to obtain knowledge or learn new techniques regarding equipment and developments within the industry.
  • the ability to act as an ambassador for IHC SAS-HYTOP

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29-10-2019 Koninklijke IHC
Legal Counsel

Royal IHC's international offshore shipbuilding and equipment projects are technologically innovative and ambitious. As a Legal Counsel it is your responsibility to translate the business case, responsibilities and limitations into a contract for the customer. You will be involved in various projects, including shipbuilding, vessel conversions, equipment sales, and business development from the tender phase up to and including execution.

In this role, you will contribute to the proposal team to ensure that a proper contract is drafted and negotiated. IHC can then fulfil this within budget and on time, and for the mutual benefit of our customers and the company. You will cooperate with various teams and departments located in our head office in The Netherlands or abroad. During the execution phase, the project will be implemented by the Project Management team and (when assigned) a contract manager. They will request your support with respect to claims or contractual discussions. You will be located within our expanding legal department at Royal IHC in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. To achieve optimal results, you will also work closely with your colleagues from the other shared services based there, including payment and securities, contract management, tax, insurance and treasury. As a Legal Counsel, you will be responsible for:

  • providing legal advice and supporting the business with regards to commercial contracts (tenders, offers and negotiations)
  • advising the executive directors on the content and risk(s) of the contract
  • providing tangible and hands-on legal advice on matters specific to the business
  • teaming up with the other legal counsels, payment and securities, customer finance, treasury, tax, and contract managers to achieve the best result
  • promoting cross-functional and international collaboration
  • proactively informing and assisting the sales and project teams on risks, opportunities and points of attention
  • formalising amendments and changes to the relevant contracts
  • preparing files and drafting letters with respect to certain (disputed) topics.

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10-10-2019 Koninklijke IHC